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    Can Seam do AJAX within AJAX?

    Justin C Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm currently evaluating technologies for the next version of our product, and I'm really liking the look of Seam, we use Hibernate for our current version, so it looks like a good direction for us to go in.

      I'm wondering though if this is possible. We would like to create a very extreme AJAX frontend, where maybe even there will be just one page, ad we will use AJAX to navigate to the different menu and submenu items. This would mean that we would need to be able to render AJAX-enabled items within AJAX-rendered content. I hope this sounds clear enough.

      I have done similar stuff, but using raw AJAX calls (in struts, it wasn't very nice), but I'm wondering if the AJAX technologies that Seam uses would allow this. Or does anyone know would the other AJAX frameworks (GWT, Echo2, etc) support this, is this even possible? Or are you stuck with serving individual pages that allow AJAX content, but if you want to navigate into these you need to break into a new full screen call via normal HTTP.

      An example would be menu-submenu, or else a n ajax-rendered table that you can drilldown into.

      I am very new to AJAX frameworks, so I do apologise if the question sounds daft.

      As I am new to all this, would you recommend Seam as the best AJAX-enabled framework to use, for rapid development? We are looking for a framework that is very fast and non-error-prone to develop our frontends in, and that minimises coding.

      Thank you in advance for any replies.