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    Seam Mail (sending) and Message-Driven Beans?

    Andrew Schneider Newbie

      I've looked through the forums, documentation, and even the Seam eBook rough cut, but have not really found the answer to my question.

      I've got an MDB that builds and sends an email based on the message it receives. I would like to leverage the Seam mail functionality and use Facelet templates for these emails. I can retrieve the addresses to send the emails to, and they are named objects used in other portions of the application with Seam. My problem is, obviously, by default an MDB is not participating in a Seam context. Is there a way to get the MDB into a context so that my retrieved mail address objects can be used by the renderer to render the Facelet template and send the email?

      I saw this post:


      but it really does not answer my question.

      Thanks for any help,