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    Testsuites with SeamTest: Initializing the Microcontainer on

    Stefan Frank Newbie

      I have a lot of tests that all roughly follow the same pattern:

      - SeamTest initializes the embedded container
      - set up a faces-request
      - get an instance of a properly prepared seam component
      - run some tests&assertions


      public void testCombinedQuery() throws Exception{
       new FacesRequest() {
       QueryManager queryManager;
       protected void updateModelValues()
       queryManager = (QueryManager)getInstance("queryManager");
       protected void renderResponse()
       Query query = new Query();
       query.setDays("'DAY1', 'DAY2'");
       int resultSize = queryManager.getNrOfQuestionsInQuery(query);
       assertEquals("Combined-Query did not return the correct Number of Questions", resultSize, COMBINEDQUERY_QUESTIONS);

      Now the next test runs through the whole cycle again, including initialization, which takes ages, as it also contains the hibernate-setup with a whole bunch of tables - is there a way to run tests inside a suite on the same container and somehow share the same instance between tests?!

      I would really like to run a whole lot of tests also during development, but this startup-issue is really annoying...