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    Render PDF to binary

    Oliver Charlet Newbie

      hi there,

      is there an easy way to user the/a renderer to produce a binary PDF rather than the implicit usage of the document store and the renderer returnin a redirect html page?
      That would be using the "view pipeline" as a means to produce binary data and further process that programmatically (such as storing into a database or file).

      btw. this question is partly based on the fact, that I still don't grab the runtime specifics of the whole pdf thing in seam. I configured everything ok, and sometimes I can retrieve a PDF, sometimes not. I still get those IllegalStateExceptions every now and than and I just don't understand why and based upon which exact runtime conditions.
      I would be very much interested, if I am the only one with those PDF problems. Maybe I'm just too stupid. It drives me mad....

      thanks a lot for you feedback
      and happy eastern!