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    Using conversations causes the pages to be cached

    Hari N Newbie

      I have been trying to use a long running conversation and I am facing the following problem . Once the conversation is created Any link that I click always takes me to the first page that was displayed after the conversation was created

      This is what I did :

      I have a method called searchItem which I have annotated with a @Begin (id="myconv", join=true)
      public void myMethod() {

      I also included this method in the action parameter of the <page_id>.page.xml

      I can see that the action is executed . After this visiting debug.seam shows that a conversation named 'myconv' is created.

      But after this all the links have a cid=myconv@clr=true as request parameter even though they are not present in the s:link parameters. And the browser displays the first page ( i ensured that there is no browser caching etc) .

      Can u let me know how I can proceed ..