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    ExtendedDataTable: refresh single rows???

    Jordy Baas Newbie

      Hi there,
      I'm using the 3.3.0 CR1 ExtendedDataTable and I have encountered difficulties when I'm trying to Rerender individual rows in the Datatable.

      I'm in the following situation:
      I have the ExtendedDataTable and I have buttons on the bottom of my page to switch rows: Next, Previous, Last, First. When I click on them I want the Datatable to set the new Selection.

      This works, but the problem is that I have to reRender the whole Datatable to set the new Selection. What I want is that I reRender the old row and the new row and not the whole Datatable.

      I tried Using:
      datatable.getClientId(context) +NamingContainer.SEPARATOR_CHAR + "n" + NamingContainer.SEPARATOR_CHAR + numberOfRow;

      But this didn't work, I get an error in my console: can't find component, and I think It's because the rows don't exist on the server side, so my application can't find the rows to reRender.

      Does anyone knows what I can do to reRender only the appropriate rows, and not the whole Datatable?

      Thanks in advance.