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    Dot notation to "name" @Name / @Factory components

    Chris Hane Novice

      Two hopefully easy questions:

      For our components managed by Seam we use a naming scheme similar to package naming. For example,


      In our xhtml (facelets) we used to (Seam 1.0) have to use a $ in place of the dot to access these components. We are in the process of upgrading to 1.2 and it looks like we no longer have to do the substitution. Just wanted to confirm that this is true and we aren't doing something by mistake.

      Second, For our factory components we also have a namespace. For example:

      private String someVariable

      public void someMethod(){
      someVariable = "initialized";

      Is it possible to use dot to name Outjected/Factory variables.

      We couldn't figure out how to do it (and the $ substitution does not work). So we ended up replacing the dots with underscore in all three places (Out/Factory/xhtml).