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    Datepicker Popup Issue

    Peter Oates Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm new to the forum and fairly new to Jboss, Just a quick question regarding the popup Date picker, Is there anyway I can get this pop up to automatically appear when I enter the page? Im using as it is used in the booking example

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          Peter Oates Newbie

          I wish to have this popup constantly up,so that I can use to open dates on the page, Now i have tried to the Calendar.js in the Seam directory and other files to make it visible all the time,
          I attempted to rebulid seam with ant,I produced the relevant jars,These then replaced the old ones, However nothing seemed to happen to my application.

          Im using jboss Seam -1.1.5Ga and Jboss AS 4.05GA

          Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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            Peter Oates Newbie

            I have solved this,had to modify the selectdate.JS in the UI-seam.jar file,

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              Shane Bryzak Master

              This is not an ideal solution - if you ever upgrade Seam to a later version you'll have to re-apply your changes again. A better approach would be to override the default behaviour of the calendar control by first loading the script (which happens automatically when you place a s:selectDate control in your view) and then using JavaScript to override the behaviour of __Calendar and __CalendarFactory.

              For example, if you didn't want the calendar to disappear when clicked then you'd override __CalendarFactory.depopupCalendar with a no-op like this:

              __CalendarFactory.prototype.depopupCalendar = function() { }