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    Missing something basic with regards to bijection

    Michael Harrison Newbie

      Hey there,

      Suppose you have a Stateful bean called "PersonManager" that handles both the CRUD and search features for the "Person" entity. I'm using Session scope. I have the following in the "PersonManager"

      List<Person> people;
      Person selectedPerson;
      // Person property
      private Person person;
      public void setPerson(Person person) { this.person = person; }
      public Person getPerson() { return person; }
      public void clickPerson() {
       person = selectedPerson;
       return "edit";

      When I display a clickable data table with a command link to clickPerson, the selectedPerson does get injected into the PersonManager. I then assign this to the "person" property. Now if I go to a page to edit the Person, expressions like #{personManager.person.firstName} fails. HOWEVER, if I use an expression like #{personManager.selectedPerson.firstName} it works.

      Why doesn't it stick when I copy the selectedPerson to the property?


      PS: I'm using the edit page to also create new people. This is why I wanted to bind the edit page to a property and not a selected item.