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    problems when migrate navigation from faces-config.xml to pa

    dazhu tang Newbie

      1.i had a application which is runing well when i am using the faces-config.xml, for example the login page:


      2.Now i want to use the seam 1.2 page navigation ability : so i migrate the navigation to the pages.xml:
      <page view-id="/pages/input/login.jsp">

      <rule if-outcome="login_success">
      <redirect view-id="/pages/input/mainpage.jsp" />

      <rule if-outcome="login_failure">
      <redirect view-id="/pages/input/login.jsp" />

      3.The problem is i can't show the wrong messages when i migrated into pages.xml. the codes to deal with the messages in the managed bean are

      if (!user.getPassword().equals(this.getPassword())) {

      return "login_failure";

      "loginForm:password" means that i have a form called "loginForm" and a field called "password" in the jsp page.

      So how to show the wrong messages in the web page if i choose to use seam navigation?