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    Is is possible to cache the already loaded data set (records

    Samba Kolusu Newbie


      I would like to have the data in the scrollabledataTable that was already loaded by way scrolling to be cached so that when the user scrolls back, a new request won't be sent for fecthing the data freshly. Also, it would be desirable if this caching feature is made optional by an providing an attribute at the component level. An example at work can be found on the dzone.com home page.

      I think the same feature can be applied to tabPanel as well where the ajaxified tabs should load the content only when the tab is created. May be providing a "refresh" link the table/tab can refresh the data if needed.I think the refresh mechanism can be handled by the page developer and need not be embedded in the component.

      Is this already possible with the current version of rich faces, or can it be taken as an enhancement? It tremondously improves the performance of the site that uses these components.

      I hope my request will be addressed!

      Thanking you,