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    Can't use FacesMessages.addToControl from Drools within Page

    Alexander Koroloff Newbie


      First, sorry for my bad english.

      I'm getting some troubles with adding message to particular control on ajax4jsf-using page.

      It looks like this. I click button on page, it use pageflow to run some drools, each of them can add messages to control (like validation), but messages appears as "global". I've watched FacesMessages code and found, what it calculates real clientId immidiately in call "add". In my scenario page on which i press "save" differ from that one what show messages, so it's wrong to calculate clientId in this manner. I changed FacesMessages to calculate clientId in beforeRenderResponce. But... I've found, what i have empty ajax component tree. I've made a little workaround, in cases, when calculated clientId is null, i pass key value as clientId, it solves problem for me, but seems to be a hack, because i need to pass calculated clientId as key to make it working.

      What wrong in case of ajax-page? Why component tree is empty in renderResponce? Is it right, what clientId calculated immidiately in "add"?