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    Multiple catchall error

    Sander Mak Newbie

      I'm getting this exception : java.lang.IllegalStateException: multiple catchall elements when using the following pages.xml :

      <!DOCTYPE pages PUBLIC
       "-//JBoss/Seam Pages Configuration DTD 1.2//EN"
      <pages no-conversation-view-id="/home.xhtml">
      <page view-id="/newBlogEntry.xhtml">
       <navigation from-outcome="succesful">
       <end-conversation before-redirect="true" />
       <redirect view-id="/blog.xhtml">
       <param name="userId" value="#{user.id}"/>
       <navigation from-outcome="fail">

      The idea is to stay on the same page when fail is returned from an action called in /newBlogEntry.xhtml, and to stay on the same page otherwise. I tried to model this by returning null when I want to stay on /newBlogEntry.xhtml, however, this still triggered the redirection to blog.xhtml. Now, I'm returning an explicit "fail" string, but now I can't view any pages in my web-app anymore because of the exception above... what's going on here?