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    rich:pickList Problem

    Wes Gibbs Newbie

      My problem is with a rich:pickList......... It displays on the page in IE but when I select the button to transfer 1 or more items from the left window to the right one, it throws the exception:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: ValueBinding for UISelectMany must be of type List or Array

      The code in my JSF file related to my problem:

      <rich:pickList id="privGroupList" value="#{cvPrivGroupList}" >
      <s:selectItems var="value" label="#{value.name}" value="#{userManagement.allPrivGroups}" />
      <s:convertEntity />
      <a4j:support event="onlistchanged" reRender="privGroupList" />

      and this is the code in my session bean related to my problem:

       private List<PermissionAssignment> cvPrivGroupList;
       public List<PrivGroup> getAllPrivGroups() {
       return entityManager.createQuery("from PrivGroup").getResultList();
       private Map values = new Values();
       public Map getValues()
       return values;
       private class Values extends HashMap {
       public Object get() {
       return Collections.EMPTY_LIST;

      Any help is appreciated,