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    1.2.1 GA -- Split deployments


      I have been trying to split the registration example into 2 non-nested/root level deployments ( war and ear ). So far this has been unsuccessful and it appears as though the reason is that the loading of the jboss-seam.jar kicks off the seam deployment scanner. This means that it should be deployed with components. The problems is that war deployments are done prior to ear deployments and since it requires the SeamListener web deployment fails because it is also in jboss-seam.jar.

      Searching the forums on this gives me nothing, but I find it hard to believe someone hasn't asked this before, most likely in some other words.

      Is this possible with Seam 1.2.1GA? My first thought was to pull out the servlet package and put it into a jboss-seam-web.jar but it looks as though that may turn out to reference much of core.

      Thanks in advance for any insight.