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    Tutorial EJB3 + JSF + SEAM + ECLIPSE + TOMCAT

    Luciano Borges Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'd like a help to make a tutorial using EJB3 + JSF + SEAM + ECLIPSE + TOMCAT. This tutorial should be step-by-step. Someone can help me?

      Thank you.

      Brazilian Boy.

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          Pete Muir Master

          Put up what you have up on the net and post a link asking for feedback, you'll find people here quite responsive :)

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            John Newbie


            Here are the steps, very easy actual.

            1. Download the Sysdeo Tomcat+Eclipse Plugin
            2. Run the Hotel's Ant script with the tomcat-deploy (or something like that) target
            3. Go to the Tomcat's webapps folder then copy all the jar files, except the hotelxxx.jar file and paste import into the eclipse project WEB-INF/lib folder
            4. Set these jar files to project's build path
            5. Done

            P.S. Make sure in your src folder, there must the a folder call META-INF that contains all the xml files like persistence.xml and blahblah. Well to do this, extract the hotelxxx.jar (from step 3 above) and copy the META-INF folder from it then paste it into your eclipse src folder. Nice thing is you can see the changes on the fly when you modify your xhtml, java, css or whatever.


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              John Newbie

              Opps!!! In order for step 4 to work, you must create a new Tomcat project first by selecting Ctrl+N then Java-> Tomcat Project.

              Let me know if you got problems.