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      I'm planning to migrate an intranet application to Seam but I've some doubts about scalability. Currently the existing application is based on javabeans (plain java classes) and jsp pages with 150 concurrent users.
      The application is a browser of 10 different databases. Users run reports and search for information in the different databases.

      I started using seam-gen to do some test and result are very good but,

      What is the impact of so many statefull objects if I've 150 (or more) users using the application ?.

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          Christian Bauer Master

          Well, first you already have 150 concurrent sessions, so that's the same. The additional state holder that Seam providers, the conversation, is not used unless one of your 150 users executes a stateful conversation. Just browsing stuff isn't a stateful conversation, for example, but editing something would likely be a conversation.

          What you have to calculate is simply more memory consumption for the sessions in general, because this is where JSF stores its state (although in an intranet you _might_ want to store that on the client in a hidden form field), and where Seam stores its conversation state (if you don't use stateful EJBs - but it's really the same memory issue).