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    jboss-app.xml and its uses with regards to seam

    Surya De Newbie

      Hey all,

      Once again, I am pretty new to Seam and I am just barely scratching the surface right now. I am running Seam example successfuly with Tomcat 6 at the moment. My understanding is that jboss-app.xml file is only used for when you are deploying the app to a Jboss AS correct?

      But seeing that to get Seam running in tomcat 6 there are all sorts of jar files that are needed, I am assuming this jboss-app.xml still functions the same as it does in a Tomcat 6 environment as it does with JBoss AS as a deployment server ? Hope my question makes sense. Bottomline do I need this file to make a seam project run on Tomcat 6?