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    Seam, WS and jbpm

    Stefano Zaccaria Newbie

      Hello to all!
      I've a problem with seam, web service and jbpm... In particular, in my application, I want, from a web service, to register a order ( that i received from ws in xml format ) and start a instance in to jbpm process. I use seam - jbpm for to manage this order ( to check, to reject, to assign to person etc ) with ui interface ( jsf ), but I don't know how to create a instance from ws in the jbpm process.
      I read some post like:


      where Shane wrote:

      Web services support is still under development, in CVS only. I can't really help you with starting a JBPM process because we haven't built support for that yet :)

      So I'm in trouble, can somebody give me a idea o a simple example?
      Or at best, the ws support is near to out ?

      Any help will be appreciated!