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    is an upgrade guide available for Seam?

    Carsten Hoehne Master

      if someone knows an upgrade guide for Seam please send me the pointer. Thanks.
      I evenappreciate a chapter in the doc with upgrade instructions(at least with pointers to resources on the net)

      My problem:
      Created an app with seam1.2.0Patch1. Runs fine. Each form is validated correctly (using s:decorate and s:validateall)
      This app was derived from the seam example hibernate2. So it runs only with the microcontainer in tomcat.

      Sunday i added an edit form in the style of a seam-gen (from Seam 1.2.1GA) generated app.
      This form does not work. So i decided to upgrade my application.
      Putting seam.jar,seam-ui.jar and seam-debug.jar from seam1.2.1GA in the WEB-INF/lib folder of my app expecting it to work. But it won't. So i have realized that the facelets lib has changed. Putting it also in the lib folder my pages are rendered well. So far so good.
      But now, the validation of a form does not work anymore. The PC is flushed to the database even if there are validation errors. This naturally results in hibernate exceptions:-(

      A pointer to an migration guide is well appreciated.

      My solution for now is:
      take the hibernate2 example from seam1.2.1GA and port my app to it. If this will not run, i will notice this forum.