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    Being redirected to the same page

    Jeff Mutonho Newbie


      I have the following input fields in my my search.xhtml file :

      <label>Birth date (YYYY-MM-DD)
       <input jsfc="h:inputText" id="dob" value="#{person.dateOfBirth}">
       <f:convertDateTime pattern="yyyy-MM-dd"/>
       <label>Identity ? <input jsfc="h:inputText" id="idNum" value="#{person.identityNumber}"/></label>

      If I enter the Identity No and skip the Birth Date field , and try to submit the page , SEAM is redirecting me back to the same page(search.xhtml)
      However if I enter both the Identity No as well as the Birth Date , my action is called and I proceed to the next page.

      What could be causing this?