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    New ICEfaces SeamGen & Comp. Showcase projects

    Ken Fyten Newbie

      I'm pleased to announce two new JBoss Seam-related ICEfaces projects available for download from http://www.icefaces.org:

      * ICEfaces Seam Component Showcase - This sample application demonstrates virtually all of the ICEfaces Component Suite components working well in a Seam application. Please refer to it for specific component usage examples with Seam (e.g. ice:inputFile).

      * ICEfaces SeamGen Tool - A Seamgen tool that you can use to quickly generate new Seam + ICEfaces projects.

      Both of these projects can be downloaded from the www.icefaces.org project download page.

      Note that the current versions are based on ICEfaces 1.6.0 DR#3 and Seam 1.2.1.

      Ken Fyten
      VP Product Development
      ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.