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    Scoping - finding the sweetspot

    Sander Mak Newbie

      After fiddling around with long running conversations, experiencing the joy (no detached objects etc.) and aggrevation (when and how to end conversations etc.), I'm now trying to create a sample app in which the pages are as self-sufficient (restful if you will) as possible. When displaying stuff, no problems arise. Put everything in page scope, inject a RequestParameter to indicate what needs to be shown, and prepare everything in an @Create method of a page scoped component.

      However, this breaks when I want to do a JSF postback (for example using an enhanced EL action binding). Now, the RequestParameter will be null and all goes wrong... Is my only option to pass the value of the ReqParam in the enhanced EL binding as well (which seems a bit hackish), or am I missing something? I can post a concrete example if necessary, but I think the point is clear.