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    PDF, max of 14560 rows

    pis ta Newbie


      i'm only able to print out 14560 row per table in pdf.
      Sometimes i get 1row sometimes (and always after jboss restart) 14560.

      No exception, No error ... :(

      i'm using postgres, report query always retrieves 100 000 rows.

      thanks for any idea



      <table columns="5">
       <ui:repeat value="#{PrProduktReport.testQuery.resultList}" var="i">

      public class PrProduktReport implements Serializable {
       EntityManager entityManager;
       Log log;
       public Query testQuery;
       public Query getTestQuery(){
       testQuery = entityManager.createNativeQuery("select nextval('seq1'), produkt_id as produkt_id, produkt_typ, nazov, poznamka from pr_produkt limit
       return testQuery;
       public void setTestQuery(Query testQuery) {
       this.testQuery = testQuery;