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    Seam + JSF + EJB3 + GWT example application

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice


      It is still very unpolished, but the basic pieces are all there and reasonably well assembled. It may now be of interest to anyone working with a similar technology stack.

      Included is:

      - Seam 1.2.0 + JSF 1.2

      - GWT 1.4 preview build (actually, a slightly earlier SVN build)

      - My patches to the Ajax4JSF G4JSF integration project, to allow JSF integration with GWT 1.4

      - Seam integration to allow GWT components to invoke service interfaces on Seam components

      - A Java 1.4 DTO bean generator to work around GWT's Java 5 incompatibility

      There is more to do:

      - I will be adding a rich-text editing and tree-view browsing interface to the demo.

      - Once GWT 1.4 final version ships, I will be landing my G4JSF changes in the Ajax4JSF Subversion tree.

      - Once I land the G4JSF changes, I will be submitting this to the Seam distribution as an official example. Hopefully they will take it :-)

      All comments very welcome.
      rjellinghaus at gmail dot com