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    Support for remotely deployed EJBs

    Roland Räz Newbie

      We found that Seam currently has only weak support for remotely located EJBs. The only way to get to a remotely located EJB reference is to use a façade or a factory, which forces us to write unnecessary glue code. A typical use case would be a stateless SOA service, which is usually deployed remotely. This remote service might not even use Seam.

      We would like to see Seam support component declarations for interfaces + jndi-name in components.xml (as opposed to class + jndi-name). This would allow Seam to find remote components, which could be referenced through the EL. Obviously no in-/outjection would work, which is usually not required for stateless remote services.

      Any thoughts on that idea? Shall we open a feature request in JIRA?