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    Relative URLs in RichFaces

    Sei Syvalta Newbie

      We are using http proxy which allows changing url's, i.e. http://proxy/foo/bar is proxied to http://backend/bar. Unfortunately the proxy doesn't rewrite the hrefs included in the content returned. In our application we are using relative URLs, so they work nicely.

      However, Richfaces uses absolute path in references:

      <link class="component" href="/context/a4j/s/3_3_0.CR1org/richfaces/etc.."

      This prevents the proxy to work properly. I think it's possible to define the context used by richfaces in web.xml, but in our case that is unfortunately very problematic solution. Is there a way to make RichFaces use relative URL's when it references it's stylesheets, javasrcipt and other resources?