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    s:link/f:param within rich:menuItem issue

    Dave Everson Newbie


      We are trying to incorporate a context menu for each row on an ExtendedDataTable.

      One of the menu options in the context menu allows the user to view the details associated with the row they selected. The page that has the details currently accepts a request parameter of the record to display.

      We are having issues in getting the record id into the link that is generated when the user clicks on the context menu.

      The context menu is triggered via the following (where we set registrationId):

      <rich:componentControl event="onRowClick" for="menu" operation="show">
      <f:param value="#{reg.registrationId}" name="registrationId"/>

      The registrationId variable is then used in the following menu item on the context menu:

      <rich:menuItem submitMode="none">
      <s:link view="/pages/registration/view.xhtml" value="View Registration" propagation="join">
      <f:param name="rid" value="{registrationId}"/>

      When the URL is rendered, it looks like /pages/registration/view.seam?rid={registrationId} (literal variable name appears in URL, not the actual value)

      Is f:param supported with a rich:menuItem element? If not, does any one have a suggestion to work around this issue?


      Environment: RF 3.3.0CR1, Seam 2.1.1.GA