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    Problem with FacesMessages

    Nathaniel Stoddard Newbie

      I'm having a problem with FacesMessages. I have a pageflow where on a transition I execute a validation method that adds a message to the FacesMessages object. The "to" for the transition is a decision node that calls a method that is trying to determine if there are FacesMessages present and transition based on that logic ... (sorry -- wordy explanation).

      My problem is that the FacesMessage object is returning an empty list for getCurrentMessages() and getCurrentGlobalMessages() -- I can set a breadpoint and see my message sitting there in its member variable list, but I always get an empty list from FacesMessages when I invoke either of those two methods.

      When I add the message directly to the FacesContext, FacesMessages correctly returns me a non-empty list, but the messages aren't visible after the redirect to the next page in my pageflow.

      Am I doing something incorrect here? I was expecting FacesMessages to show me the message I just added to it....