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    Ending nested conversations


      I'm confused about how to end a nested conversation. (Technically, I have no problem ending the nested conversation -- it just doesn't want to resume the parent conversation where it left off.)

      I have my pageflow definition set up with transitions to a page that has the <end-conversation> tag in it. Unfortunately, according to the schema, page requires the "view-id" attribute, which is where the client always gets redirected.

      How am I supposed to end the conversation and let the parent take over where it left.

      Part 2 of my question ---- how the heck can I confirm that my conversations are correctly nested? On the debugger page, the only conversations that have the conversation data in the "conversation context" is the non-nested conversations. The nested ones don't have it, so I can't click to see what the parent conversation ID is.

      I'm pretty sure that they're properly nested since I have nested="true" in pages.xml, and it would give me an error if it tried to create a nested conversation without an active long-running conversation.