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    Does s:fileUpload work with trinidad?

    Gena Newbie

      Hello all
      i'm using s:fileUpload as a replacement of trinidad upload tag as described by the seam docs and example. Since two weeks i've got a recent implementation of trinidad and tried to use it. It works so far but the s:fileUpload doesn't work correct anymore. I'm not sure, if the problem presents since i've enabled trinidad again or because of Seam-updates?

      If i try to debug, i can see the Seam proceeding a multi part request. On some filtering stage, i see the correct size and content type of my file. But in my backing bean i'm getting empty values instead. In the filter chain i saw the upload multi part request wrapper from trinidad and i think, it could be a problem.

      I use:
      1. fresh Seam from CVS
      2. JBoss 4.2.0 cr2
      3. JSF 1.2 ri
      4. trinidad 1.2 (recent build)

      The page and backing bean code are similar to seam examples and did work till 2 weeks ago.

      Thanks, Gena