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    Design Questions

    Tony Herstell Master

      I have a seam bean, conversational, and in this bean I have delegated work out to another bean (8 actually!).

      Since the main bean is conversational I require these delegated beans to do work within my conversation.

      I biject these delegates using:

       * Biject the nameDescriptionStepController
       @In(create=true) @Out
       private SectionStepController nameDescriptionStepController;

      What should I set the beans to be as they really dont have a @Begin and @End?

      They currently are :
      @CacheConfig(idleTimeoutSeconds=1800) // This keep the object "alive" longer than the session.
      @Stateful // A component stays in existance for the duration of the Scope (conversation in this instance).
      @Name("nameDescriptionStepController") // Name used within SEAM for an instance of this class.
      @Conversational // Scope that this class exists in.

      but I get the occasional "not in long running conversational....

      I use the contents of a beans in the GUI.. hence they are outjected.

      I must be missing a piece oif the jigsaw.