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    Entity Query problem

    Artur Chyzy Newbie

      Hi. I want to make list filtering.
      On the page i have some dataTable like

      <rich:dataTable var="action" value="#{actionList.resultList}"
       rendered="#{not empty actionList}"
       rowClasses="rvgRowOne,rvgRowTwo" id="actionTable">

      For filtering i have selectOneRadio and commandButton like
      <h:selectOneRadio value="#{actionManager.actionFilter}">
       <s:convertEnum />
       <s:enumItem enumValue="ALL" label="All" />
       <s:enumItem enumValue="SENT" label="Sent" />
       <s:enumItem enumValue="NOT_SENT" label="Not sent" />
       <h:commandButton action="#{actionManager.filterActions}" value="Filter"/>

      For getting the list of actions i use entity query
      public class ActionQuery extends EntityQuery {
       private static final long serialVersionUID = 4880758385999261380L;
       private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS_ALL = { "" };
       private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS_SENT = { "a.sent == 1" };
       private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS_NOT_SENT = { "a.sent == 0" };
       @Logger private Log log;
       private ActionListFilter actionFilter;
       private ActionManager actionManager;
       public String getEjbql() {
       return "select a from Action a";
       public List<String> getRestrictions() {
       log.debug("filter bean: #0",actionManager.getActionFilter());
       log.debug("actionFilter: #0",actionFilter);
       if (actionFilter== null || actionFilter.equals(ActionListFilter .ALL)){
       return new ArrayList<String>(0);
       else if (actionFilter.equals(ActionListFilter .SENT)){
       return Arrays.asList(RESTRICTIONS_SENT);
       else if (actionFilter.equals(ActionListFilter .NOT_SENT)){
       return Arrays.asList(RESTRICTIONS_NOT_SENT);
       return new ArrayList<String>(0);

      So as you can see above i building the restrictions according to option selected by user on the form. The problem is that the line
      log.debug("actionFilter: #0",actionFilter);

      return null, but later on the action the filter is not null (see bottom)
      So the query is executed before my bean method.
      I decided to get the value directly from bean but it is null.
      Here are the logs
      17:29:03,250 DEBUG [ActionQuery ] filter bean: null
      17:29:03,250 DEBUG [ActionQuery ] actionfilter: null
      17:29:03,250 DEBUG [ActionQuery ] filter bean: null
      17:29:03,250 DEBUG [ActionQuery ] actionfilter: null
      17:29:03,281 DEBUG [ActionManagerBean] actionfilter: SENT

      For me the query is executed before form params gets updated.
      In bean the value is correct.
      Is this possible to create sth like this without using @Factory methods ?? (beacuse i this it should work in Factory... but may also not work)...
      Anyone had similar problem or maybe know the solution