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    ICEFaces DR and Seam

    Monkey Den Master

      Out of curiosity, has anyone been able to successfully upgrade ICEFaces to DR#3 or DR#4 to get it working with Seam 1.2? If so, I'd love to see the config files. There appears to be something missing in the 5-step "integration documentation." I'm convinced it's not as simple as I'm led to believe.

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          zzzz8 Newbie

          Have you tried the ICEfaces / Seam gen? That seems to work for me... up to a point. The server-side rendering in the ICEfaces / Seam gen project web page (in particular, the footer) of the time doesn't seem to work. Other than that, the project seems to be configured correctly.

          You may also want to look at the Seam component showcase.

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            Monkey Den Master

            No I haven't, because I already have a project. Generating a new project is not an option for most people who are already invested in the Seam/ICEFaces pairing. If the only way is to "start from scratch", then we're trying to mix oil and water.

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              Monkey Den Master

              Incidentally, this integration has been frustrating at almost every pass. In my estimation, the combination of the two isn't production ready. But don't take my word for it, since I can't even get a post-1.5.3 version of ICEFaces to work with Seam.