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    HtmlExtendedDataTable Performance issue

    Jordy Baas Newbie

      Hi there,

      I use an ExtendedDataTable on RichFaces version 3.3.0 CR2.

      I am experiencing serious performance issues while using it with more than 10 columns. My pages load very slowly because of it.
      The problem can't be the number of rows in the dataTable, because I cut the DataModel in parts of 10 rows. Since the DataTable loads just 10 rows, I think a loading time of 10 seconds is way too much while loading the page from localhost.
      I also used fiddler to examine the data-traffic, without dataTable: 800kb. With dataTable: 2,7 MB with just 10 records....and 20 columns....

      I create all my components dynamically.

      Does anyone know whats the cause of this?