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    seam generate-entities with recursive table

    David Cloutier Newbie

      I need help.

      I am new to seam, I am reading the book, and playing with seam gen.

      I am having a problem with application generated by seam gen and I can't figure out how to manually fix it.

      I am having a problem where as the seam generated app, which has a recursive table ( it can't add new child entries ) and I can't figure out how to manually fix it.

      This is because the link to add the new child points to the same edit page that I am currently on, and goes back to the same parent entry....

      I have a ReportSection class which has a

      Set<ReportSection> reportSections
      property and
      ReportSection parentReportSection

      My ReportSectionEdit.xhtml page has a tab which lists the reportSections and has a "Add reportSection" button, as follows:

      <s:button id="addreportSection"
       value="Add reportSection"
       <f:param name="reportSectionId" value="#{reportSectionHome.instance.id}"/>
       <f:param name="reportSectionFrom" value="ReportSection"/>

      When I click on "Add reportSection" button, I just go back to the same page.

      Any help is appreciated.