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    JBoss Rules update in Seam CVS - migration notes

    Shane Bryzak Master

      Seam CVS has been updated to use JBoss Rules (Drools) version 4.0.0 MR2, which requires some changes if you are using either a Seam-managed working memory or Seam security. Here are the migration notes:

      1) The number of required jars has been greatly reduced. The following jars are now required to be listed in your application.xml file:

      2) If you are using Seam's ManagedWorkingMemory class, please note that its Unwrap method now returns a StatefulSession instead of a WorkingMemory (StatefulSession now implements the WorkingMemory interface).

      3) Rule compilation seems to be a little stricter on syntax. Rule definitions must be terminated with the word "end" (previously "end;" - note the semicolon, was acceptable). It also seems to be a little stricter about white space and line ends also. If your rules no longer compile, check your rule file for extraneous white space or carriage returns/linefeeds.

      The Seam examples have been updated to work with this new version, so if in doubt, take a look at the examples.