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    listShuttle Problem with Source Content?

    Brian Ray Newbie

      Using a listShuttle I have run into a problem where it appears some content in my sourceValue List might be causing a problem. I can not say exactly what it is but let me describe the symptoms.

      Upon submit of the form around the shuttle phase 1 is called and then it is dumped directly to phase 6. I get no errors of any kind. It simply act like it is a new view

      The really strange part is that this shuttle works fine with different values in the sourceList. I can find no obvious answer like size of list or invalid chars in values.

      Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Or have the ability to explain what goes on that might lead me to an understanding as to what the values in the source list have to do with making it to phase2?

      Perhaps the components cant be restored but why?

      Thanks in advance. Please also ask questions so that I can give you information that I might not know that is important.

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          Not sure that quite understand you but it seems - you have the problems with just submit the shuttle? Then you should read about our limitation for List Shuttle where we told that have to specify the converter for your objects used by LS component and override the equals and hashcode for the objects properly.

          Examples of such code could be found at our demo sources.

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            Brian Ray Newbie

            Thanks for your reply.

            After looking at this the only thing I found that I realized was bad judgement, was the fact that inside my converter I was converting my entire backingBean into a huge String. For each element in the list I was creating 330 lines of html to represent an object that I was only going to show 3 values.

            I am kind of guessing but I think my problem was just the shear size of the information I was trying to put on the client (For no reason). I trimmed up the object and all seems to be working well.

            Thanks again