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    Some problems with the Calendar control...

    Jay Horita Newbie


      After using the calendar control in Richfaces, there's a couple issues I've come across. They may not be bugs, but I just wanted to mention them for possible future enhancements:

      1) "tabindex" is not supported currently. What's funny is that I saw that there's code implemented for the tabindex in the renderer, but the component nor the taglib makes "tabindex" available. My workaround was to extend HtmlCalendar component, and just simply have a getter/setter for "tabindex".

      2) Display of time zone is not supported? I set the pattern to "hh:mm zzz", and I got back "3:00 zzz", even though I specifically set the time zone.

      3) I would like to trigger an action event listener on blur of the calendar component. I tried adding an a4j:support component as a child of the calendar component, but it doesn't trigger. Probably cause the calendar is a group of different components. This is fine.. I can work around this by utilizing oninputblur and calling a js method created by jsFunction... but I won't have the capability to submit single. Is there a way for me to do so that I am missing?

      4) The width of the calendar can only be fixed. I suppose this would be more of a limitation of CSS, but I'm thinking the "fix" maybe can be a putting the input box and button in two columns of a table... with the button column having a fixed width? I'm not sure if this would work or is cross-browser compliant, but just throwing that out there.

      Thank you!