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    jboss-beans.xml vs *-ds.xml

    Dan Allen Master

      I am trying to understand the difference between jboss-beans.xml and the JCA datasources configured in the *-ds.xml file (where * can be anything) when used with the microcontainer. (In this case, jboss-beans.xml is defining a datasource.) If I take out jboss-beans.xml it appears that Seam cannot locate the datasource. If I put them both in, I am not convinced that the *-ds.xml is serving any purpose.

      My question, so that the you good readers have something to answer, is:

      How do I use *-ds.xml with the microcontainer and avoid using the jboss-beans.xml file?

      Or, perhaps a better question is:

      Why is are the *-ds.xml files included in the examples at all? (They do not appear to be serving any purpose.)

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          Christian Bauer Master

          The -ds.xml files are used in the full JBoss Application Server to specify datasource configurations.

          The jboss-beans.xml is the main configuration file of the embeddable EJB3 container, in which, besides other kernel level beans, you can configure datasources. That is the only thing both files have in common.

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            Dan Allen Master

            Thanks for the reply. So my understanding is that the embedded EJB container will not look for or process the -ds.xml files in any way. Those files are strictly for use by the JBoss application server.

            Please correct me if I am wrong, otherwise I don't expect a follow-up.