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    Embedded EJB

    thierry rietsch Newbie

      Hi all

      We are using the JBoss Seam framework for a project at our university. Unfortunately no one of the project members has used Seam before and therefor we have some problems understanding the architecture of a JBoss Seam project. We have created such a project with the seam-gen tool and now the first question is: "Does a JBoss Seam project needs to run as an embedded ejb application when we are going to deploy it under a JBoss server?".
      I tried to deploy the project without this embedded ejb stuff but it looks like it has problems to connect to the database. Is there somewhere a tutorial how to run an application without the embedded ejb stuff?

      Thanks a lot for any replies,


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          Chris Wash Newbie

          There is an embedded EJB container available to you if you want to deploy Seam code that utilizes EJBs outside of an EJB container.

          If you follow most of the Seam tutorials, they have you set up JBoss with an EJB3 profile enabled, so you use JBoss's EJB container. So there is no need to use the embedded EJB container.

          If you used Seam-gen with the default options and datasource, and have JBoss set up to use the default HSQL datasource (it's a in-memory database that doesn't require external installation or configuration) then it should work with the default options.

          If you are pretty sure you're using the standard configuration and still have problems, post any errors you see and others may be able to help.