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    selectOneRadio  sample

    alain hsiung Newbie

      Is there some sample of the use of selectOneRadio with Seam?

      I want to use radio buttons to choose a row from a table.
      I had a working system without Seam, with Java script for turning radio buttons on and off. But now how do I make it working with Seam without backing bean (with only SFSB)?

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          Matt Drees Master

          Maybe I'm not understanding completely, but as I understand it, your SFSB *is* a backing bean. So, you'd treat it just the same as before.

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            alain hsiung Newbie

            Without Seam, the <h:dataTable ..> uses a backing bean in the web container that implements a method like this

            public void selectFlight(ValueChangeEvent event) {
             selectedPassengerFlight = (PassengerFlight) passengerFlightTable.getRowData();

            and declares a UIData like this
            private UIData passengerFlightTable;

            With Seam, the SFSB takes the role of the backing bean. As I understand it, the SFSB should not use UIData anymore, but rather @DataModel and @DataModelSelection (in my example selectedPassengerFlight).

            But how does the method selectFlight look like with Seam?