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    property injection

    ewfolf Newbie

      hi dudes,

      how can i inject properties into my seam application? is it possible to use the seam.properties file for that purpose?
      i'm new in jee webapp development. would be great to have some information.

      thanks a lot

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          Monkey Den Master

          I don't know if this is overkill, from a functional perspective, but have you tried something like this?

          <factory name="myProperty" value="myValue" auto-create="true"/>

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            ewfolf Newbie

            @monkeyden: thanks for your reply. i found the corresponding entry in the documentation.

            unfortunately, it doesn't work actually. i'm using the seam.properties settings configuration.


            applicationSettings.profilesPath /profiles

            @Install(precedence = BUILT_IN)
            public class ApplicationSettings {
             private String profilesPath;
             public String getProfilesPath() {
             return profilesPath;
             public void setProfilesPath(String profilesPath) {
             this.profilesPath = profilesPath;
             public static ApplicationSettings instance() {
             return (ApplicationSettings) Component

            within my actionbeans i tried to get the propery via

            any ideas?