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    a:support request causes

    Gena Newbie


      i'm using an ajax4jsf enabled page, which works proper until i send even a smallest ajax event. Then i get a PersistentObjectException (detached entity...). The conversation seems to be long running, the session has manual flash mode. The entity, which is the cause of an exception is mapped as CascadeType.ALL (so auto merge should occur).

      The workflow step is: An complex entity is loaded into the conversation to be changed. Any changes without an ajax (also cascaded deletions) can be persisted.

      Page snipplet, caused the error (but all ajax-enabled components produces this exception after first usage)

      <h:inputText styleClass="large #{rwo:hasMessages('model','ERROR') ? 'rscInputFailed' : ''}"
       <a:support event="onblur" requestDelay="100" reRender="model">