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    how to make dynamic modal panel (changing contents in flight

    Wojciech Ciesielski Newbie

      Hi there,

      The use case looks like this: I have a table (rich:dataTable) with list of messages in my system. I need to get a modal panel opened with contents of proper message when a link (present in each row of message-list table) is clicked...

      If I understand it well I need to do something like this:
      1. create a controller having access to a modal panel (bound with it) and possesing a listener method for opening this panel
      2. call a listener method in my link, passing it an ID of message
      3. this listener needs to set contents of this message in a property and then open modal panel
      4. modal panel uses this property of a controller to print message using outputText or whatever equivalent

      It's a theory - but I can't find a proper way to make it work... Does anybody have an example of something like that accomplished ?