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    why conversation-timeout doesn't work properly?

    Mohammad Norouzi Novice


      I set the conversation timeout to a value representing 1 hour but after a couple of the minutes the conversation will end

      here is the line in component.xml

       <core:manager conversation-timeout="3600000"

      and this is the message will be shown:

      The conversation ended, timed out or was processing another request
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      I have two components in conversation scope

      SearchQuery --> SearchResult

      and one statefull component in Session scope


      when the user is in the SearchResult which is actually in a long running conversation he/she may click on a button to go to settings page (UserSettings) and after change the settings will get back to SearchResult

      however, I set a @Begin(join=true) in method of UserSettings but I think this is the point of my problem

      is it possible to go to a statefull component and then back to the last long running conversation?

      thank you very much in advance