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    SeamEntityConverter Mess

    Toni Beckman Novice


      I'm trying to use the SeamEntityConverter convertEntity tag in order to select an entity from a selectOneMenu widget.

      I downloaded the entityconverter-0.1.zip and unzipped it. The I discovered that the tld is pointing to the wrong class and that reference to the taglib is wrong too. After fixing this I'm now getting the whole time getting "invalid value" when trying to select an entity. I have tried everything nothing seems work.

      So my questions:

      1. Is the tag in the 1.2.1 GA release included. I don't think so, but it says so in the Wiki : " This is now in Seam from the 1.2.1.GA releas". Don't know what that really mean.

      2. If it's not in the 1.2.1 GA release, then were can I get the jar from? The one in the wiki has wrong tld names and class references and even after fixing this it's not working for me.