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    Navigation, Menu, Sitemap -> Content Management

    Patrick Ruhkopf Newbie

      Many web sites consist of pages that can be hierarchically structured. The main menu often reflects this structure, hiding child nodes until the user clicks a menu item (or a node in a tree view). A sitemap instead could display all child nodes (or at least nodes with a level i.e. <= 3).

      But how do we get/define these navigation nodes? As mentioned before, nodes basically represent pages. Since we already define pages in Seam pages.xml, I wonder if we could leverage them to be navigation nodes (or something to build a menu / sitemap from). In general, how do you approach dynamic menu and sitemap generation?

      Background: I am currently evaluating Seam for use in a scenario, where basic content management is required. So in addition, any experiences, suggestions regarding this are very appreciated.