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    Passing a static param in pages.xml

    Monkey Den Master

      I am trying to pass a static param to an action method when a specific view id is invoked. I have tried the following ways to no avail:


      <page view-id="/propertySearch/test1.xhtml" action="#{manager.createAction}">
       <param name="paramName" value="advancedPropertySearch"/>
      <page view-id="/propertySearch/test1.xhtml" action="#{manager.createAction('advancedPropertySearch')}" />
      <page view-id="/propertySearch/test1.xhtml" action="#{manager.createAction(1)}" />

      <factory name="advancedPropertySearch" auto-create="true" value="advancedPropertySearch"/>

      I happen to be using ICEFaces 1.6DR#4 (which has it's own el jars) with Seam 1.2.1. I seem to remember Seam having a separate jar file for EL extensions. Maybe I need to use those?