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    process entity from GET request

    Nicolas Bregenzer Newbie


      I display Information about an entity with a GET request by using a stateless bean and page parameter in the pages.xml.

      on this page which displays a single item i want to execute a conversational bean in which i would like to access the item:

      <h:inputHidden value="#{item.id}"/>
      <h:commandButton type="submit" action="#{bean.addItem}"/>

      doesn't seam to work since as soon as i add the inputHidden Parameter the addItem won't get executed.

      the item is somehow loaded into:

      Item item;

      because if omit this fragment a exception is thrown regarding the missing input.

      it works perfectly fine if i use a different entity. it only breaks as soon as i try to access the entity of the previous GET request

      i'm not sure where to continue
      thx for any help